Let's Build connected, accessible greenways in Carrboro

Hundreds of people use the Bolin Creek Greenway in Chapel Hill to bike, walk, and be close to nature. Our goal is to build out Carrboro's greenway networks. These "missing greenways" will help connect our schools, parks, and trails.

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safer ways to get to school

The proposed greenways would provide protected, safe biking and walking routes for

  • Chapel Hill High School

  • Smith Middle School

  • Seawell Elementary

  • Carrboro High School

  • Morris Grove Elementary

  • Northside Elementary

Equitable access for carrboro residents

The proposed greenways would provide protected, safe biking and walking routes for all communities in Carrboro, including residents of:

  • The Landings at Winmore

  • Bolinwood Condominiums and Estes Park Apartments

  • the Oakwood complex

  • Craig-Gomains housing complex

protecting Morgan Creek and Bolin Creek

Carrboro is working on extending the Morgan Creek Greenway.

The proposed Bolin Creek Greenway would go along an existing 30-foot-wide easement that already carries wastewater from the neighborhoods bordering the creek. Erosion is rampant along the existing creek -- but a greenway project would include both anti-erosion measures and creek restoration. A video made by engineers and stream ecologists at McAdams, the engineering firm that designed Chapel Hill’s greenways, explains the benefits of greenway projects for creek restoration.


The long-planned network of trails and greenways in Carrboro is designed to connect people to parks and green space. Once the network is complete, it will be possible to travel almost entirely off-road from the planned Twin Creeks Park to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park, to Wilson Park, to Hargraves Park and Umstead Park in Chapel Hill, and ultimately to University Lake and Southern Village Park.

Trails encourage people to be active and be outdoors

Urban trails have positive effects on physical and mental health. When new trails are built and connections are made to a larger network, more people are drawn to the trail, which leads to increases in outdoor activity and time spent in nature. A Rails to Trails factsheet on the health and wellness benefits is available here.

Click on our interactive map to explore how building the missing greenways will connect carrboro's schools, parks, and neighborhoods

Who we are

We're parents, kids, long-time residents, new residents, undergraduate students, graduate students, elementary school students, bikers, walkers, and trail lovers who want to advance the decades-long discussion around expanding and connecting an accessible linear park network in Carrboro. Learn more about what we envision.