Building connected, accessible greenways in Carrboro

Hundreds of people use the Bolin Creek Greenway in Chapel Hill (pictured above) to walk, bike, and be close to nature. Our goal is to build out Carrboro's greenway networks and connect our schools, parks, and people.

These are the candidates for Carrboro who will keep the forward momentum on accessible, connected trails and greenways in Carrboro: 

Barbara Foushee for Mayor

Catherine Fray, Jason Merrill and Eliazar Posada for Carrboro Town Council

Email the Carrboro Town Council at to let them know you support the creekside alignment

Bolin Creek Greenway in Chapel Hill

Safer routes to Chapel Hill and Carrboro schools 

A safe and protected greenway network will allow more students to bike and walk safely to school, and reduce idling car lines outside of our middle schools and high schools. The proposed greenways would provide protected, safe biking and walking routes for: 

Cary has an extensive greenway network connecting neighborhoods and schools.

Equitable access for Carrboro residents

Everyone in Carrboro deserves access to nature. The proposed greenways would be accessible for those in wheelchairs and strollers, and provide protected, safe biking and walking routes for all communities in Carrboro, including residents of:

Trail braiding happens when people walk around an obstruction in a path (in this case, mud). Trail braiding worsens runoff and causes further encroachment into the forest. 

Restoring and protecting Bolin Creek

The proposed Bolin Creek Greenway would go along the existing 30-foot-wide OWASA sewage easement that is cleared of trees so OWASA vehicles can get through. Erosion is rampant along the existing creek -- but a greenway project would include both anti-erosion measures and creek restoration.

Creating connections in community and nature

Learn more about our efforts and the history of greenways in Carrboro.