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How will a greenway help? A safe and protected greenway on our existing cleared sewage easement will help our local school bus crisis and idling car lines outside middle schools. It will help our community’s health and well-being. It will make it possible to transform car trips into walking and biking trips.  It will protect wildlife and streams through creating a natural buffer zone that provide opportunities for protecting plant and animal species. And it will allow households living along and near the corridor to reduce their carbon footprint by using their cars less often.

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Join the Carrboro Linear Parks Project

The Bolin Creek Greenway will open up safe, convenient access from Carrboro to numerous destinations — to schools like Seawell Elementary, Smith Middle, and Chapel Hill High School, to parks like Umstead Park, and to other destinations that are difficult to access by bicycle and foot.  Sign up for updates here.

Write to Carrboro Town Council

Our mayor and town council are our neighbors, and everyone who lives here has an opportunity to be heard. You can write to council@carrboronc.gov to reach all of them. 

Join us on a walk along a greenway

We host events along the greenway in both Carrboro and Chapel Hill. Join us for one of our upcoming events and learn more about the greenways in our community.