About Us

We're parents, kids, long-time residents, new residents, undergraduate students, graduate students, elementary school students, bikers, walkers, and trail lovers who want to advance the decades-long discussion around expanding and connecting an accessible linear park network in Carrboro. Learn more about what we envision.

Why we believe in a safe, accessible greenway network for Carrboro

Share why you believe in a safe, accessible greenway network for Carrboro and we'll add you to this page! Form is here: https://forms.gle/1jjiYuVc5A9FunWa9  

Kathy: The greenway will help many, many kids bike, walk, roll, scooter, or skateboard to school, making them healthier and happier while preventing climate and toxic air pollution from all those cars in the pickup and dropoff lines (and the high school parking lot) every school day; and 2. The greenway will make the forest accessible to a wider range of people with a wider range of physical abilities, while paving through an already cleared easement. 

Alex: I support connecting downtown and residential areas with nature, and car-free bike lanes. I support linear parks accessible to all that allow us to move without cars throughout town. Bolin Creek Greenway is a no brainier. 

Cristóbal: I love being out among the trees, whether on foot or by bike. A greenway is a commitment to making that experience available to everybody. 

Michael: I love Bolin Creek, and I believe that everyone in Carrboro should be able to enjoy it. A paved greenway will provide equitable access, as well as safe, viable alternatives to car travel. Any parent who has experienced the recent CHCCS bus driver shortage should recognize how vital a paved greenway would be in giving our kids safer and healthier routes to school, and in reducing our community's reliance on cars.

Kai: I like hiking in the woods. Sometimes I want to be able to ride my scooter too.

Walter: A greenway would make getting to school easier 

Alyson: We have the opportunity to connect all 6 square miles of Carrboro with off road greenways that will provide multiple benefits to everyone who lives, works and plays here. The corridor for Bolin Creek Greenway Phases 3 & 4 is one of the loveliest parts of Carrboro, and is a key part of the entire network of connected trails. We should make it accessible for everyone.

Brian, Asher and Aidan: Our family is excited to see a safe path built where we can take family bike rides to various parks, downtown Carrboro and some cool places in Chapel Hill!

Mel: I serve on the OWASA board and I know that OWASA vehicles routinely travel along the sewage easement, removing trees so that the pipes that carry our poop don't break. Using that corridor for a small paved path will make the woods accessible for people using strollers, wheelchairs, and walkers -- and make it possible for my family to take most of our trips around town without getting into a car. I can't wait to walk or bike to the Chapel Hill Public Library on a safe, accessible path.

PJ: Our family loves to ride bikes, but getting to school and downtown is very difficult for our children to navigate. We're looking forward to being able to travel, exercise, and enjoy the forest on an accessible path.

Altha: I've been an avid bicyclist and pedestrian since I arrived in 1994 when I can here to teach at UNC. It's been apparent to me for many years that we need more connectivity in order to get more people to walk and bike more frequently. As a college town, this is a no-brainer.

John: My family and I have enjoyed the existing Bolin Creek Greenway for nearly a quarter of a century. Here is a photo of my daughters taking a break as we skated the greenway in 2001. They have only known a world where this greenway has existed. Today, we we are now united as a family to see that residents of Carrboro (like one of my daughters) can share this with their families