If there's any benefit to a greenway debate that's lasted decades, it's that we've collected a mountain of reasons why a network of connected greenways benefits the entire community. We're updating this page with opinion pieces and letters to the Carrboro Town Council so that you can share our vision with your friends and neighbors!

Greenways and Transportation

The school bus crisis in Chapel Hill-Carrboro and the Bolin Creek Greenway

Developing our greenway network helps make our transportation to school network more resilient in the long run. These are all interconnected issues.

The Bolin Creek Greenway Vision

What is in the Bolin Creek Greenway Conceptual Master Plan? We break it down.

The proposed design made recommendations for 4.8 miles of trail, from Wilson Park to Homestead Park, and from Lake Hogan Farms to Buckhorn Branch.

Greenways and Environment 

Making a Place for Feet: Greenways as Environmental Restoration Projects

This is one of the key benefits to constructing the Bolin Creek Greenway in Carrboro: providing a defined paved surface along the heavily used easement will open up possibilities to reclaim and restore natural areas around the creek as part of the same project.

Greenways and Accessibility

An accessible Bolin Creek Greenway will transform Carrboro -- for all

Currently, people who use wheelchairs and strollers and walkers can easily access greenways in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte and Cary — but they can’t do so along Bolin Creek in Carrboro. 

Below are some letters that CLPP advocates have sent to the Carrboro Town Council. We like them because they stick to the facts, they're direct, personal, and civil in their approach, and they highlight a range of benefits of a network of connected greenways.

Want to write your own? You can email the entire Carrboro Town Council at once at 

From Melody

About the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools bus driver shortage and safe routes to school

From Alyson

About equitable community engagement and the Carrboro Connects Comprehensive Plan of 2020

From Ryan

About equitable community engagement and town resources

From Patrick

About efficient and equitable community engagement